New Release Friday: songs out on June 4th

New Release Friday playlist on Spotify is now up-to-date. Listen here and read about some of the selected songs below:

UNOMAS x WLZN x Alon – “Wildcard”

“Wildcard” is a new release that paired Miami-based DJ/producer UNOMAS and Berlin-based singer-songwriter WLZN. Dutch producer & songwriter Alon is featured on the funky disco-pop track. Out on Soave Records, it is yet another song that UNOMAS and WLZN are dropping via the label. “Wildcard” is just so refreshing.

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Guytano – “She Knows”

Guytano have unleashed an infectious new song called “She Knows”. Guytano is the Minnesota-based band made up of brothers Grant and Eddie Hamilton alongside Isaac Hesse and Colter Benoit. On “She Knows”, they vividly capture the image of one’s experiences in the gambling city of Las Vegas. Musically, it’s an upbeat synth-pop track with gripping lyrics and vocals.

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Lexi Jayde – “Bedroom Walls”

“Bedroom Walls” is the latest single from Los Angeles-based American pop singer-songwriter Lexi Jayde. The 18-year-old artist has released it alongside a dazzling music video. About the song, she says, “This song expresses a feeling that I think we’ve all gone through – a feeling of wanting to be alone in your room where you can be yourself rather than being at a party. My bedroom is my safe space. I feel like when I’m in my room it’s the one moment out of my crazy life that allows me to focus on myself and be present. Having that time is so important and it’s those little moments that matter!”

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Bear2 – “Atlas Arms”

After capturing our senses with his debut single “Retribution“, indie-pop artist Bear2 is back with his second. The song is named “Atlas Arms” and arrives next to an enthralling visual. “Atlas Arms” describes the feeling of being overwhelmed by the weight of a relationship. Bear2 explains, “Using Atlas (the Greek mythological story) as my metaphor, I have created the song ‘Atlas Arms’ to describe the experience.”

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tiLLie – “Peachie”

When you meld blaring synths and grungy guitars with punchy pop beats and then sprinkle in an ‘IDGAF’ attitude, you get the song “Peachie”. This is the latest single from alt-pop singer tiLLie. The artist has made a name around her bold songwriting and sounds. “Peachie” is a perfect representation of her music style.

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Rat City x Isak Heim – “Rather Be”

“Rather Be” by Norwegian electronic outfit Rat City is an explosive piece of electro pop music. Featuring Isak Heim on vocals, it will have you singing your heart out. Plus, the track is engagingly funky and irresistibly danceable. Rat City are gearing towards the release of their debut album (before the end of the year) and “Rather Be” helps keep us ready.

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Alex Pizzuti x Max + Johann x JO – “Boom”

Italian DJ/producer Alex Pizzuti has teamed up with his Berlin counterparts Max+Johann for a new record featuring sultry vocals of Romanian singer-songwriter JO. The track is titled “Boom” and it’s a flavourful EDM/pop jam. With summer vibes infused, “Boom” is an anthem-to-be. The record is out via Sony Music Germany’s dance imprint, NITRON music.

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Ani Brava – “Origami”

A resident of both Tokyo and Los Angeles, pop newcomer Ani Brava‘s cultural influences seep into her music. The artist released her debut single “Homicide” a couple of months ago and consequently received praises from many a taste-maker. She returns with a second one which she calls “Origami”. This is an electro-pop track that once again showcases her soft vocals and endearing delivery.

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Raulito Del Sol – “Volveras”

“Volveras” is the debut single by Spanish artist Raulito Del Sol. The German-raised Sevilla-native’s music comes at the intersection of Latin, pop, hip-hop and reggaeton styles. As the young artist steps into the limelight with “Volveras”, he cuts the image of a future star. Raulito states: “I write about who I am, where I’m from and who I’m about to become.”

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INA IVY- “With Me”

Swedish pop singer INA IVY returns with an urban/pop dance tune, “With Me”. Imbued with a tropical vibe and a summer allure, the song feels invitingly fresh. And don’t let its lighthearted sound deceive you, the lyrics get deeper that you may initially perceive. About “With Me”, the 23-year-old artist notes, “In times where I have been unable to be myself, where I ended up colliding with almost everything, I have had people giving me the benefit of the doubt. They put themselves in my position, shoved their pride aside and instead supported me, even though I might not have deserved it. When your world goes sideways you sometimes need somebody else who believes in you even though you don’t believe in yourself.”

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CASILIAN – “Trust Gate”

Norwegian band CASILIAN are spreading positivity with their latest single “Trust Gate”. The song was written after the realization that, at a time like this when most people are mentally and emotionally overwhelmed, there is need for us to take care and love those around us. Musically, “Trust Gate” is a pop/rock ballad. CASILIAN0: “We know music has the power of bringing people together and it can be even therapeutic to some. We are here to use our voices and help spread a brighter message of love, in hope that other people will come along to amplify it!

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Andria Piperni – “Who’s Counting”

Canadian singer-songwriter Andria Piperni has delivered her debut EP, Who’s Counting?. Soulful and thoughtful, the title-track offers listeners a great entry point into the project. Who’s Counting? is 6 tracks long. Each song is carefully crafted, with the overall theme centering around the need to take a step back so as to gain better clarity.

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Icelandic musician GREYSKIES (born Steinar Baldursson) returns with yet another impressive release. The song is named “Eyes” and it’s a rapturous pop-rock tune. GREYSKIES conjures emotions with his powerful vocals. About the release, he says, “‘Eyes’ is a song about that feeling when the emotions are overwhelming and you feel like you have no idea what to do to get out of that feeling. It talks about the fears and problems I sometimes have with coping. The production leans more into rock and it perfectly captures the vibe and feel of the song.”

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Madison Beer – “Reckless”

Madison Beer is back with a new single, “Reckless”. The melancholic piece takes the best of the pop singer-songwriter’s powerful voice. Madison remarks: “’Reckless’ was written about how easy it is for some people in relationships to hurt others and move on without any guilt. People have so much power over their partner’s feelings, yet many still choose to treat each other carelessly. I believe there is a balance to putting ourselves and our feelings first, while knowing we have the responsibility of treating people with respect, kindness, and consideration. It’s so important to find that balance in every relationship and knowing when to move on if you can’t.”

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Otis Kane x KALLITECHNIS – “Good Love”

R&B/soul sensation Otis Kane has announced the arrival of his debut album, Purple BLUE. The LP drops next Friday, June 11th. Alongside the news comes Kane’s newest single, “Good Love”. This is a funky and alluringly sexy tune that features singer KALLITECHNIS. It’s a massive jam.

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