Hear Euføeni and Max Green’s collaboration, “Only On The Weekends”

Euføeni (born Vaughn Russillo) is an up-and-coming American electronic producer from the island of Martha’s Vineyard. For the last couple of years, he’s been generating buzz with his well-received singles, his latest being “Only on the Weekends”. Out on Sidekick Music, this song features Max Green, whose voice can also be heard on the track “Chemicals” with HOLLOW.

“Only on the Weekends” is a chilled down EDM/pop track with smooth vocals and lovely harmonies, thanks to an original kids’ choral loop. Euføeni explains, “Max & I had this idea of having a kids choir sing the hook reminiscent of something like the Justice – ‘D.A.N.C.E.’ hook. We both worked really hard going back and forth, and as we finally nailed it, I was stoked!

Max Green adds that the chorus lyric ‘too much drinking, not enough thinking‘ is actually a statement from his old roommate, who was a bartender.

Enjoy the song and find Euføeni ((pronounced: eu•pho•ny) and Max Green on Instagram.

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