Wild Rivers release new single and video; here is “Amsterdam”

Indie-folk/pop band Wild Rivers did share another wistful piece in form of “Amsterdam”. The Canadian trio released the song accompanied by a heart-gripping visual. Co-produced with Peter Katis, “Amsterdam” is a coming-of-age love story delivered in a way that only Wild Rivers can.

’Amsterdam’ is the retelling of a friend’s breakup, who had big plans to move to Europe to be with her long-distance boyfriend,” explains co-lead vocalist and songwriter Khalid Yassein. “One day, out of nowhere, he called it all off over the phone. I imagined all the things she had been looking forward to, and I started writing a song from her perspective. Your early 20s are such a hard, transitional age. You’re coming out of your youth and strewn into the real world, and it’s sink or swim. Oftentimes, you make plans and envision this reality that doesn’t pan out as you expected, and that type of devastation felt like a really raw and relatable emotion that I wanted to draw from.”

Besides Khalid, the other members of Wild Rivers are singer Devan Glover (whose solo career is flourishing) and Andrew Oliver (lead guitar, bass). You can find the trio on Instagram as we anticipate their planned full-length.


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