Listen to Bazenga Mentality album by Breeder LW

Nairobi artist Breeder LW has been a Kenyan household name since 2019. The notable consistency with which he has been releasing catchy sing-along tracks has helped place him on the map as one of the most popular rappers in the country.

His second album Bazenga Mentality arrived on 18th June, three years after his debut album Kabla Kuosa. ‘Bazenga’ is a local slang for ‘the Big Man’ and so the album title simply translates to ‘The Big Man Mentality’.

The hip hop project comprises upbeat and melodic jams and it’s lively throughout. Other than flexing his lyricism, Breeder pumps loads of energy into each track. Collaborators include Fena Gitu, Maandy, Ssaru, Boutross, Masauti, Odi Wa Murang’a, Rekless, Abbas Kubaff, Domani Mkadinali and Tanzania’s Young Killer Msodoki.

Tracks on Bazenga Mentality include, “Boss Ofkos”, “Bei Imepanda “, “Real Ones”, “Nipe Love” and “Makanga”, which is currently accompanied by a visualizer (see it above).

Jam to the album on Spotify + find Breeder LW on Instagram.

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