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Von Louis – “She’s Home”

The song “She’s Home” immerses us into the gripping world of Texas-based alt. rock duo Von Louis. It came paired with a captivating music video, which is also the first visual release from the band. “She’s Home” is a synthpop-leaning track with passionate vocals, stimulating lyrics and, generally, an intriguing vibe. The video, directed by Anthony Erickson, shows us a trippy time-traveler who can be seen wandering an ethereal mansion.

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Lola Lennox – “Love Like That”

Fast-rising UK pop singer-songwriter Lola Lennox is back with another summer bop. The playful and addictive pop track is called “Love Like That” and was produced Braden Wright alongside Lola’s world-famous mum, Annie Lennox. It arrives with a fun-loving music video directed by Natalie Johns. The song was inspired by the young singer’s own experiences. She notes, “‘Love Like That’ doesn’t only have to mean romantic love, it’s also an expression for having passion toward life, chasing the things that light us up and just being our own unique selves. Expressing a sense of joyous and spontaneous freedom, it makes you want to kick back and drink a cocktail in the sunshine…

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Whit. x C.E.B – “sho nuff”

Whit. is a Haitian-American creative who hails from Saint Louis, Missouri. The genre-averse artist has just shared a new track “sho nuff” featuring frequent collaborator C.E.B. This R&B/hip-hop song is both lyrical and vibey. Generally, “sho nuff” is cheeky, seductive and fun.

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Kamarane – “Spinning Room”

London newcomer Kamarane is, without a doubt, an exciting addition to the R&B music scene. The artist has just released her second single, “Spinning Room”. This is a soulful jam that gets us to admire her powerful vocals and evocative songwriting. Next to the song came a beautiful visual. Speaking on this release, Kamarane says: “‘Spinning Room” was written to express my feeling of being under the influence. We all get those times of drinking when our mood takes a complete turn and we simply just don’t want to feel that way anymore. However you take it, whether that be drink, drugs or sober in a social situation we can all relate to it.”

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Tokyo Machine x End Of The World – “Silver Lining”

Canadian-based EDM DJ/producer Tokyo Machine has unveiled his newest single, “Silver Lining”. This is a collaboration with Japanese 4-piece band End of the World. The energetic dance-pop track feels infectious, thanks to the sweet concoction of beats, synths and vocals. Lyrically, “Silver Lining” is uplifting and generally gratifying.

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NGHTMRE x Yung Pinch – “Scars”

US dance music star NGHTMRE is back with a new song featuring Californian rapper Yung Pinch. Named “Scars”, it’s a melodic, trap-infused track that surely deserves a spot in your summer playlist(s). Musically, the track blurs genres boundaries, seamlessly combining resounding basslines and tranquil guitar plucks. NGHTMRE remarks, “I’ve been making a good bit of Hip Hop recently but nothing too melodic! I was excited to try my hand in some cool melodic Hip Hop vibes. Yung Pinch did such a great job with the vocal and I tried to keep the vibe going for the drop/hook. I hope everyone loves this as much as we do!! It’s already been stuck in my head for months.

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Anjulie – “Big Bad World”

“Big Bad World” is the latest offering from Toronto-based artist Anjulie. The R&B-infused pop track came paired with a stunning visual directed and edited by Dan LeMoyne. It finds the Canadian singer-songwriter juxtaposing the harshness of society and current events with the weight of her dreams and aspirations. “It’s a personal existential crisis within a planetary existential crisis,” Anjulie states.

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Tarick – “Skandi Walk”

Tanzanian-Danish artist Tarick intends to get us dancing as he releases a new song, “Skandi Walk”. The Afro-pop tune comes with a dedicated dance style. As Tarick says, this track is a tribute to his fellow young Africans in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Everything about “Skandi Walk” is infectious, from the artist’s amazing vocals to the crisp production.

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Frankie Maurie – “Downfall”

21-year-old Frankie Maurie enters the music scene with her heart on her sleeves. The Texas native’s debut single “Downfall” is a vulnerable indie-pop/rock piece about diving into a serious relationship while dreading the worst that could happen. “It’s about being so head over heels for someone that you start to worry about how it might end and how it may affect you,” she says. “Downfall” is a perfect introduction to this talented artist who names Lana Del Rey, Borns and Jack White as some of her key influences.

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KYTES – “the beat is on hold”

With their new song “the beat is on hold”, Munich-based German quartet KYTES invites you to come shake a leg. The refreshing, uptempo indie-pop track arrives packed with lots of energy and you can see this in the music video. “the beat is on hold” was released via Frisbee Records. The song pokes fun at lockdown stereotypes while still retaining a positive view of the future. KYTES say: “In times where we all are in desperate need of some extra motivation, the track feels even stronger…

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Ann Christine – “Stay Ready”

“Stay Ready” is a sultry and groovy pop anthem by Ann Christine, a new artist who’s from Denmark but currently based in Berlin. Fresh yet nostalgic, the track is crafted in such a way that you can’t help dancing along. Ann’s alluring vocals have a galvanizing effect, with her lyrics reminding us to never lose hope. “It’s really my life motto,” she says. “No matter the ups and downs, always keep it rocking steady. Stay ready and nothing can stop you!

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Drax Project x SIX60 x Phony Ppl – “Catching Feelings”

New Zealand band Drax Project have unveiled a new version of their hit song, “Catching Feelings”. The original tune featured SIX60 and, on the reworked, the outfit also bring on board Brooklyn-based group Phony Ppl. This soulful piece is smooth and warm, taking the best from each of the three outfits. “Catching Feelings” is out via 300 Records and, about it, Drax Project say: “The original Catching Feelings was a product of our friendship with Six60. We’d enjoyed hanging with Phony Ppl while in The States, so when the chance to reboot the song for US radio came along they were the first people we asked to hop on“.

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Beso Palma x Gia Vorne – “Without Measure”

“Without Measure” is a groove-laden new single pairing emerging Sydney based producer Beso Palma and burgeoning singer Gia Vorne. The track is imbued with elements of 90s R&B. Lyrically, “Without Measure” emphasizes the value in offering unconditional support and love to those close to us without expecting anything in return. Speaking about the track, Beso notes “Gia and I wanted to embody the act of selflessness, setting aside egoes to love freely.”

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Heckyl – “Free Falling Down”

Making his debut earlier this year, Heckyl (a new project by British singer-songwriter Luke Porter) continues to drop new tracks. He’s just released his fourth single, “Free Falling Down”. This is a passionate pop ballad about the damage that social media does to today’s youth. “We live in a world where everyone has the ability to judge each other through a screen, leading to more and more people dealing with anxiety and self-esteem issues,” says Heckyl. The artist writes, performs and produces the songs at his Sweet Factory studio.

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Jaime Deraz x Bad Boyfriend – “In & Out”

Jaime Deraz is known to tug on our heartstrings with her sweet, dance-pop tunes. Her newest single “In & Out” is no different. An awesome collaboration with debutant Bad Boyfriend, the song was written alongside Madison Love. It captures the feelings associated with trying to keep some spark alive in a one-sided relationship. “In & Out” follows Jaime’s “I Miss You“, another bop from the 24-year-old Long Island, New York native.

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