Flavia Abadía shares debut album, Crossover

Flavia Abadía picked this summer to release her debut album, Crossover. The 13-track LP includes previously released singles such as “Trumpets (remix)” featuring Kiki La Asesina, “No Patience” and “Fvck Boy“. It also came with hot tunes like “Amor Falso” (highlighted above).

Crossover, as the title suggests, involves an eclectic mix of cultures and sounds, something that Flavia truly embodies. She is Colombian/French-Canadian who was born in Paris and this diversity is reflected in her Spanglish latin/urban/pop tunes.

Speaking about the album, she remarks: “I love how music can bring people together and create bridges. I’m a mix of cultures and have lived in various cities and countries, so it’s natural that my music reflects this fusion and mix I grew up with and am surrounded by everyday.”

Stream the album on Spotify, as you keep up with Flavia Abadía on Instagram.


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