Watch Young Rising Sons’ video for “Carousel”

New Jersey rock outfit Young Rising Sons unveiled their album SWIRL back in April. Their latest song “Carousel” is an extension of that impressive and independently released project. It is billed as the first single of the upcoming deluxe version of that album. SWIRL Deluxe is expected late September.

“Carousel” is an mellifluous tune whose euphoric, singalong chorus I can’t get enough of. “We wanted to create a song that felt, tasted & sounded like summer sweat; riding your bicycle into a swimming pool; throwing up on the Gravitron at the local fair after smoking a cigarette for the first time. It’s the fleeting pace of life juxtaposed with a monotonous summer haze. How summer simultaneously felt like the time to grow up, but also the time to break some rules,” says Young Rising Sons.

Watch the music video for “Carousel” and follow Young Rising Sons on Instagram.


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