Starfox and the Fleet present “Shelter”

Drawing inspiration from various sounds and eras, Starfox and the Fleet make music which is truly unique. The alt-rock band recently released their second single, “Shelter”. It is a break-up tune which is invigoratingly groovy.

Lead singer notes, “…wrote this one in the dark depths of solitude mourning a breakup that never fully resolved. I wanted to turn that pain into something sexy and sensual that i could share with my former partner one day … i’m pretty sure that day will never come but hey i got a banger out of it and that makes me happy.”

Imbued with a dark and theatrical tinge, Starfox and the Fleet’s sound combines elements of glam rock, psych rock and dream pop. Listen to “Shelter” and the band’s debut, “Quarantine Dream”.

Starfox and the Fleet can be found on Instagram.


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