Connor Angels sings about “cyberluv<3" in his latest offering

Having worked with fellow creatives as a producer, Connor Angels decided to venture out as a solo artist. Since then, he’s been bringing his brilliance into each song, as is illustrated on his latest release called “cyberluv<3”.

Connor co-produced the track with Mvgnolia, before sending it to Million Dollar Snare for mastering. “cyberluv<3” is a lovely tune with polished songwriting and captivating vocals.

About it, the artist says, “‘cyberluv<3’ is about how everything on social media is very synthetic. Things are not what they always appear. Very rarely do you see someone portray sadness, and never do you see individuals look their worst. It’s all a highlight showcase of a person’s life, and that’s okay, but we should remember that imperfection is necessary. The song also suggests that I prefer real intimate love than cyber love. It’s easy to receive internet love when all you do is look your best and share your best moments. Sometimes I just wonder – if the world was blind, how many people would you impress?

Grab a listen and follow Connor Angels on Instagram.

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