Dennyiah return with heartrending new song, “Autumn 2015”

Last November, Slovak indie duo Dennyiah unveiled their debut album Human Aspect and, since then, we’ve been hooked. As the followup to that project, the pair of singer-songwriter Denny Gajarská and Ľuboš Šoltés has released a new single named “Autumn 2015”.

This is a cinematic track that was produced by Nic Hard. Heartrending as ever, the song finds Denny delivering a vulnerable piece. She says, “This song is about one of the biggest lessons I ever learnt. I was in a relationship with a man that I madly fell in love with. Very shortly after we got together, I completely changed my life for him, for our love. Gradually, I became convinced that my life’s only worth, because I share it with him and I live for him. I lost myself.

Denny’s emotions are captured even more raw in the acoustic performance which the band has just released (you can find them on Instagram).


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