Watch Dyzzi from DivSel “Vent” in the visual for his Farazi-produced song

Chicago emcee Dyzzi from DivSel linked up with Turkish beatsmith Farazi to make the visual for their collaborative track called “Vent”. That video was shot by Castro.

“Vent” is a lyrically introspective piece that finds Dyzzi looking at his personal life, vividly showing both the positive and dark aspects. Farazi’s epic instrumental and production suits the rapper’s storytelling.

Dyzzi remarks: “The song pretty much represents and explains why I’ve been distant from music. With everything going on in both the world and within my personal life, I’ve felt more lost than I’ve ever felt before. I started doing and thinking things I’ve never thought too much about before, and I’ve been extremely isolated with nobody to talk to hoping to somehow become inspired again to write. With me not being in contact with any of both my fellow artists and producers during this time, the beat pretty much approached/was offered to me at the perfect time. It sounded exactly how I felt inside so I knew where I wanted to go with it but I was finally able to write the song in one sitting once I picked up smoking, hence the line ‘smoking on this Gary Payton’, and something in me finally clicked telling me ‘You need to let out your frustrations. Vent‘.”

The track is out via Below System Records / Deadly Habits Music / Diverse Selection. Give it a spin/watch and follow the artists on Instagram:

Dyzzi from DivSel || Farazi

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