Pop music roundup: 8 new songs to add to your playlist(s)

Here is our latest selection of tracks that will definitely fit into your pop or multi-genre playlists.

Ruth Lyon – “Lemon Tree”

One the surface, British singer-songwriter Ruth Lyon‘s new song “Lemon Tree” is just a blissfully upbeat alt-pop number. Lyrically, though, it carries a dark, apocalyptic element. Ruth sings about finding that person in your life that makes you feel so good that even the end of the world couldn’t bring you down. Her vocals sound simply phenomenal. “Leon Tree” was released with a colourful music video next to it.

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Alex Rv Phillips – “All I’ve Grown”

Last Thursday, London native Alex Rv Phillips unveiled his debut EP, All I’ve Grown. It was independently released by the UK singer-songwriter, producer and performer. The title-track is an explosive indie-pop track. Speaking about it, Alex says, “This song is a reminder to myself – to overlook some of the less relevant elements we get caught up on in our lives, and embrace the growth and change that are both painful and so necessary to who we intrinsically are. Trusting within yourself and your journey.”

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Ruby x Ben Cina – “Summer Nights”

With a bright melody and captivating lyrics, “Summer Nights” is just so infectious. It’s a beautiful pop duet that found Austin, Texas newcomer Ruby being joined by LA-based singer-songwriter Ben Cina. It’s actually Ruby’s third ever single and another chance for her to showcase her brilliant writing and overwhelmingly strong vocals. We shared her first single, “Sick“, last year. Stay on the lookout for Ruby’s debut EP, Pretty Girls and Secret Conversations.

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Jonah Kagen – “Wish You Did”

Rising pop sensation Jonah Kagen released his brand new single “Wish You Did” a couple of weeks ago. The fun, upbeat song came paired with an exciting visual. “Wish You Did” is about a character in the singer’s ‘fantasies’. About the music video, Jonah noted, “I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun making a song than making ‘Wish You Did,’ and I think that that really comes through in the music. I wanted to make people move and feel happy but also tell a very relatable story that I think many can resonate with. I’m so beyond excited to share this one with everyone!

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Alex Porat – “taxi”

“taxi” is a pop banger from Toronto singer-songwriter Alex Porat. Alongside it came the music video directed by Alex’s longtime collaborator, Iris Kim. The video is a playful and fantastical depiction of one’s moment with their crush. Porat says, “I wanted ‘taxi’ to reflect how it feels to have a crush on someone. When you want someone but you’re dead set on never telling them how you feel so you just live your life in limbo. I think about all the times I kept how I’ve felt about someone to myself because it feels so safe to keep it all a secret. I love that the music video is the daydream of what could happen if I didn’t build walls around my feelings.

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Euan Allison – “Fatherhood”

Euan Allison is a newcomer whose brilliance is captured on his fourth single, “Fatherhood”. Released on Frequency Recordings, this indie-pop ballad is so touching. The Scottish singer-songwriter wrote “Fatherhood” in collaboration with Adriaan Persons and Tom Taylor. This track is will be a part of Allison’s highly anticipated upcoming EP (to be released later this year).

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Jordan Sherman – “Leave It On The Floor”

“Leave It On The Floor” is one of the six tracks on Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer Jordan Sherman‘s new EP which he released on August 27th. The project is titled Don’t Wanna Miss You. Back to “Leave It One Floor”, it’s an upbeat and seductive indie-pop banger that invites the listener to the dancefloor. Sing and groove along to this one.

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Christen Morrell – “Leave it in the Summer”

As her latest single, rising US artist Christen Morell created an ode to summer’s end. “Leave it in the Summer” is an upbeat electro pop track imbued with hints of nostalgia. The singer’s sweet and hooky vocals get you to reminisce while involuntarily singing along. “Leave it in the Summer” is another one in the Berklee College of Music graduate’s growing catalog of amazing tunes.

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