Hear “Now Or Later” by Sydney-based band 90ivy

90ivy is a 4-piece band from Sydney, Australia, who were previously known as The Flowers. It’s made up of singer-songwriter Agnes O’Dwyer, drummer Leighton Cauchi, guitarist Liam Sinclair and bassist Tom Haeusler.

90ivy’s latest song, “Now Or Later” is representative of their style. Produced by Peter Holz, the hooky and groove-filled indie-pop cut has a lovely, bittersweet taste.

“‘Now Or Later’ is our happy-sad take on a breakup song – we love exploring contrast with our music, and this track is a good example of that as we juxtapose upbeat melodies and instrumentation with storytelling centred around heartbreak. The track came together so organically. Tom just started playing around with this bouncy, syncopated bass line during one of our jam sessions. It immediately caught all of our attention, and everyone stopped what they were doing to figure the song out. Liam came up with his infectious, 1975-esque riff almost immediately and the verse and chorus lines came to me on the spot, which very rarely happens,” lead singer Agnes reveals.

Listen to this infectious song and consider checking out the outfit’s The Flowers EP.

90ivy can be found on social media platforms such as Instagram.

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