You need to hear Erockfor’s new song, “Heart”

“Heart” is a new indie piece from Montreal artist Erockfor. Produced by her new music partner Blaire Michael, the track is the latest offering being lifted from Erockfor’s planned debut album, Phoenix (due next month).

Featuring the artist’s piercing vocals, “Heart” is heartfelt and spiritually uplifting. “The song is inspired by the heart chakra and it is yet another step in my healing journey. There was once a time when I didn’t fully love myself. There was once a time I believed I was cursed. My self-talk was extremely negative. There was so much shame surrounding what led me to leave Montreal. Now, my love for self is unconditional. I am proud of myself. I am whole and holy, as I sing in the song. I hope this message reaches a lot of people, because trauma can really make you question your worth. The chorus is a literal love letter to self. So hopefully, listeners can sing along and mean every word,” says Erockfor.

Give “Heart” a listen and follow the Canadian-Cameroonian singer-songwriter on Instagram and/or Facebook.


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