New Release Friday: songs out on September 24th

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Stark x Kestra – “Your Dark Power”

Stark and Kestra is a match made in heaven. The producer and the singer’s past three collaborations have already raked in millions of streams. Their latest offering, “Your Dark Power”, is just as good. It is an upbeat synth-driven pop track about a magnetic attraction. Kestra’s yearnful lyrics are accentuated by her stimulating vocals. Stark’s production provides her the perfect instrumental backdrop. The UK artists have another collaboration in store for fans.

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Steam Phunk x Lena Sue – “When I’m With You”

Hamburg-born brothers Alexander and Sebastian have been captivating listeners as Steam Phunk duo for the last few years. Their newest single saw them team up with German-American singer-songwriter Lena Sue. Named “When I’m With You”, it is a sweet house/pop jam. The song is about an illogical attraction, one that goes against the kind history that the two people have. It is such a lovely tune.

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RxL World – “Chauffeur”

“Chauffeur” is a new single from UK duo RxL World (Reece and Lorenzo). The Afro-laced rap track meets the pair’s rhythmic flows. “Chauffeur” is a fun, playful song with an irresistible club appeal. Speaking about the song, RxL state, “The song is about making it known to a special lady that we are into, but it reverses the roles and allows her to decide where it goes. We switched the role in this song and disregarded the stereotypical social norms. Let’s have more women make important decisions.”

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FÉ – “Big Cliché”

If reveling in the nostalgia of the 80’s aesthetic is such a “Big Cliché”, is readily embracing it. In her second single, out now, the Danish singer (born Frederikke Bohr) created a blissful song about relishing life’s fond memories. “Big Cliché” is delivered within an ’80s-inspired synth-pop soundscape that will get you dancing delightedly. has an EP set to drop early 2022.

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Róisín O – “Still Gold”

Following “Heart + Bones” and “2023”, Irish artist Róisín O is back with her third single of the year. The electro pop song is named “Still Gold” and it’s an absolute gem. Written by O alongside John Broe (and produced by Ruadhri Cushnan), it is an ode to lost love. “‘Still Gold’ is a track that detaches itself from the emotionally worn path of resentment after a breakup. It’s a response to watching someone you once loved falling on hard times, but instead of relishing in their pain, you actually want to be there for them, but you can’t be. To you…they are ‘Still Gold’,” says the singer-songwriter.

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Jackson Dyer – “Losing Light”

Berlin-based Australian singer-songwriter Jackson Dyer has released a new single, “Losing Light”. The upbeat yet laidback indie pop track was created in collaboration with Florian Höfer (co-writer) and Pascal Karier (drums). It feels irresistibly beautiful. Dyer remarks: “‘Losing Light’ is a song that I wrote about that sweet spot on those special afternoons with friends when everything seems to fit perfectly together, those special moments that you don’t want to end. However, time passes and then the sky starts to lose some of its colour, and I imagined this song to be focused around trying to extend that sweet spot for as long as possible, chasing the sun and demanding a few more minutes.”

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JPson – “Black & Blue”

“Black & Blue” by South African singer-songwriter JPSon highlights the need to combat global warming. Inspired Kiss the Ground, a documentary that promotes regenerative agriculture as a means to combat climate change, this song is a call-to-action worth paying attention to. Thanks to its rootsy vibe and the singer’s gentle vocals, this tune is also quite soul-soothing.

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Leah Kate – “Shit Show”

Independent pop singer Leah Kate is back with an brilliant new single, “Shit Show”. The pop rock track feels euphoric and infectious. “Shit Show” arrived in the company of a colourful and playful video. It is a song about confidently embracing your flaws knowing well that true love overlooks such. Such a assured attitude has pushed Leah to succeed in the music industry despite not having support from any label or management.

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Lucrecia Rae x Gino Lee – “Rendezvous”

Gifted singer-songwriter and producer Gino Lee joined forces with fellow South African artist Lucrecia Rae and created this sweet R&B/pop jam. Named “Rendezvous”, it is passionate love song with an alluring summer feel. “Rendezvous” is an ode to the special moments shared with your significant other. The sexy guitar and warm vocals round it up into a gladsome bop.

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Leugim Miguel – “Primavera y Otoño”

Puerto Rican composer and singer-songwriter Leugim Miguel has released a new EP. The 5-track project is named Mares. Each song on it is beautiful, with “Primavera y Otoño” being a standout. Sung in Spanish, it uses the two seasons, spring (primavera) and autumn (otoño), to capture the feeling of a distant relationship.

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Mykill Miers x Pawz One x King Magnetic x DJ Rhettmatic – “Shout For Shot”

The newest single from the duo of emcees Mykill Miers and Pawz One finds them going “Shot For Shot” with competition. King Magnetic contributes additional firepower in form of fiery bars while DJ Rhettmatic sprinkles his signature flavour. “Shot For Shot” is a boombap cut for lovers of classic hip hop. For Mykill and Pawz, it arrives in the heels of the single “Stop Playin With Me”. The two are working on a collaborative album titled Double Homicide.

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Ishi x Nia Brock – “Pro’s & Con’s”

Out now, Sweet Gold is Dallas singer and songwriter Ishi‘s much awaited third album. The LP was released via the label Icons Creating Evil Art and carries fourteen amazing tracks. Ishi worked with artists like Keite Young, Cure for Paranoia, Medicine Man Revival and Nia Brock, who is featured on focus track, “Pro’s & Con’s”. This one is a funky disco-pop number that encapsulates the album’s captivating vibe.

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