JUNO are unbothered as they reveal playful debut single, “Zero”

Let’s all welcome newcomers JUNO. The Brisbane, Australia-based duo of Kahlia Ferguson and Sam Woods recently revealed their debut single, “Zero”.

“Zero” is a bubbly indie-dance song and an infectious ear-worm. The playful, summer-tinged dancefloor tune carries Kahlia’s peppy vocals and Sam’s funky instrumentation.

Songwriting has always felt like a bit of a therapy session for me. I love turning something that feels awful into something that sounds healing. After months of dealing with rumours and hearsay, Sam and I blurted out this song in the studio one morning, piecing together lyrics that made all of us laugh a lot. ‘Zero’ is a great blend of fun, sassy and empowering, embodying the kind of attitude we want to embrace moving forward,” Kahlia says, while speaking about this unapologetic song.

Listen and catch the vibe.


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