Hear Abby Sage’s sentimental piece, “When I Leave”

LA-based Toronto native Abby Sage teamed up with producer Jeff Hazin and created this contemplative ballad, “When I Leave”. The song is the latest installment on her forthcoming EP, Fears of Yours & Mine.

“When I Leave” is such a delicate piece. Abby’s chillingly honest lyrics bring to the surface her deep-seated sentiments. “It’s about trying to communicate to somebody that you love them and want them to stay but fear ultimately prevents you from saying anything. The song ends by saying ‘I fucking hate it when I leave’ because in this case, I let pride and fear get the best of me and walked away from something I didn’t genuinely want to walk away from,” she remarks about the new song.

Listening to Abby always leaves you impressed, not just by her evocative songwriting but also her soul-stirring vocals. Find her on Instagram.

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