House music roundup: 9 songs to dance to

Sample our latest selection of house music tracks that we feel you need to squeeze into your ‘dancing mood’ playlist.

Tinlicker x Nathan Nicholson – “Be Here And Now”

Dutch duo Tinlicker‘s latest single, “Be Here And Now”, is a pensive house song. Featuring vocals of Nathan Nicholson, it was paired with a soul-stirring and cinematic video directed by Julius Ponten and starring Netherlands-based actor Werner Kolf. “Be Here And Now” carries evocative piano and string melodies and engaging groove. Speaking about the creation process, vocalist Nathan recalls, “When Tinlicker first sent me the instrumental for this song, long before they gave it rhythm, I fell in love with it – just piano and strings. It was very powerful and a lot of the lyrics and all of the melody came out on my first pass. The lyrics are about a longing for the past and the innocence of growing up…

<<Find Tinlicker and Nathan Nicholson on Instagram>>

Pakka – “Dripped in Blue”

Intricate Records presents the latest single and video from Parisian DJ and producer Pakka. Named “Dripped in Blue”, it’s a melodic, progressive house track characterized by rousing vocals and emotional lyrics. The song is another impressive release from the French dance music specialist. Pakka has captivated us in the past with songs like “We Must Remind”. His’ is a vibe you need in your life for sure.

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3LAU x CXLOE – “Worst Case”

Acclaimed US artist and producer 3LAU enlisted breakout Australian pop singer-songwriter CXLOE for this new future house banger, “Worst Case”. The single is out on the artist’s label, Blume Recordings. “Worst case” is generally an energetic dancefloor tune. CXLOE’s beautiful vocals meet 3LAU’s vibrant instrumentation, creating a track you will definitely listen to on repeat.

<<Find 3LAU x CXLOE on Instagram>>

Johnny Chay x Drew Schueler – “Constellation”

“Constellation” is the product of the collaboration between Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Johnny Chay and Nashville-based singer Drew Schueler. It is a high-energy, progressive house record with sentimental lyrics. Schueler matched the emotional depth of the instrumental, laying in his signature rousing vocal. He remarks, “I literally tracked the last vocal sections for the song while on vacation in Hawaii. The craziest part of it all was right after I finished tracking, I went on a stargazing excursion and got to see Saturn’s rings and a handful of actual constellations through a professional telescope. Talk about crazy timing.”

<<Find Johnny Chay and Drew Schueler on Instagram>>

Needs No Sleep x Mike McFly x Sydnee Carter – “This Life”

Out now via the label D4 D4NCE is this new release from Australian EDM producer Needs No Sleep. Titled “This Life”, the club-ready house jam saw him collaborate with Dutch producer Mike McFly and Perth-based singer-songwriter Sydnee Carter. “This Life” is strictly one for the dancefloor. Still, Sydnee’s vocals will have you singing along wherever you are.

<<Find Needs No Sleep, Mike McFly and Sydnee Carter on Instagram>>

Sjaak – “Trompetisto”

Amsterdam-raised Dutch artist Sjaak‘s newest mega-hit, “Trompetisto”, is getting a worldwide re-release, courtesy of Sony Music. The rap-infused EDM track, and its hilarious music video, is just so refreshing and has deservedly raked in millions of streams. “Trompetisto” emphasizes Sjaak’s penchant for crafting infectious tunes. The music video was filmed in the mountains of Austria and released in back July.

<<Find Sjaak on Instagram>>

PINEO & LOEB x FUEG x Ellie Sax – “Good Vibe Feeling”

The most recent single from Canadian duo PINEO & LOEB is, purely, an injection of “Good Vibe Feeling”. Out on Casual Jam Records, the additive song is a collaboration with New York rapper FUEG and UK saxophonist Ellie Sax. “Good Vibe Feeling” is everything the title implies. The official music video is simply fun. So is the alternate visual which captures Andrea Bolley aka The 6Mom jamming to the song on Rodeo Drive in LA!

<<Find PINEO & LOEB, FUEG and Ellie Sax on Instagram>>

Rozell x Sebastian Peréz x Sir Jeremy Green – “No One Knows My Face”

Different generations of dance music collided as emerging Estonian DJ/producer Rozell teamed up with legendary British entertainer Sebastian Peréz for a new song called “No One Knows My Face”. Los Angeles singer Sir Jeremy Green provided harmony-filled and soulful vocals, rounding this record into a super-fun, escapist anthem. “No One Knows My Face” is about freedom in anonymity.

<<Find Rozell, Sebastian Peréz and Sir Jeremy Green on Instagram>>

Verboten Berlin x Dario Lessing – “Open Space”

As their latest offering, German dance music duo Verboten Berlin dropped this dynamic house track, “Open Space”. In creating this one, the producers teamed up German pianist Dario Lessing. “Open Space” is out via Stone Free Berlin. Altogether, it is a rhythmic club track laden with tender vocals and uplifting melodies.

<<Find Verboten Berlin and Dario Lessing on Instagram>>

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