Flora Cash unveil their third album, our generation

Swedish-American indie-pop duo Flora Cash have released their third album, our generation. A new song called “were you ever with me” arrived with the 14-track project. Earlier singles such as “Don’t You Look At Me That Way“, “The Bright Lights” and “a good childhood” had already prepared us for what to expect.

Listening to our generation in its entirety, you appreciate Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall’s ability to draw the listener closer into their lives. The songwriting is personal, inspired abd nostalgic, with the duo commenting: “Rooted in the promise each generation makes to the next that greater things are possible and a message by and for a generation of kids who know what it means to be a refugee, grow up with a dad in prison, struggle with mental health, experience heartbreak, hide their true identity from the world, seek adventure and self-realization, meet their soul mate, believe in a potential few yet see and in the final analysis, our generation is a record for all those who know what it means to pursue a dream even when the world tells them no.”

Listen to album and follow Flora Cash on Instagram.

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