Listen to Adeline’s new EP, Adi Oasis

New York-based French-Caribbean singer-songwriter and bass player Adeline (pronounced ad-uh-leen) finally dropped her new EP, Adi Oasis. While revealing the album, the artist also shared the song “Stages” alongside a gorgeous accompanying music video.

“Stages” saw Adeline once again team up with KAMAUU, with the latter laying a rap verse as smooth as the music itself. Adeline makes soul music that is excitingly funky.

Speaking about the focus-track, Adeline says, “‘Stages’ is my self-affirming chant reminding me that ‘I’m not going to take sh*t from anybody anymore. I got this. I trust myself. Having KAMAUU on the song felt perfect because not only is he talented beyond words, but he’s also been a great advocate for me as a female producer.

Adi Oasis includes previously released tracks such as “Mystic Lover”, “9” and “Eternity” featuring Joshua J.

Connect with Adelin on Instagram.

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