Listen: Kit Major – “Solo Disco”

The latest offering from LA-based pop artist Kit Major is an energy-infused single named “Solo Disco”. The track combines throbbing drum machine beats with warm synths. Lyrically, “Solo Disco” is an anthem celebrating one’s independence.

Kit Major explains: “This song is for the lonely, the independent bitches and those learning to find comfortability in feeling uncomfortable. ‘Solo Disco’ is where you go when you have no one else, it’s not just about romantic relationships, but it’s a fuck you, i’m fine to those who don’t believe in you or see your true value. I love this song so much because I’ve lived so much of my life through the eyes of other people and how they see me- am I a good person, am I a loving partner, am I worth it? That’s a tiring place to be. Honestly, a life changing experience for me was my first time at a music festival- I went to Lollapalooza in 2010 to see Gaga and Green Day. I wanted this song to reflect the energy and freedom I felt in that explosive short time. Not to sound so lame, but the biggest thing for me about this song was, does it make you want to dance? Does it make you feel good? Does it feel like sunset on a Friday night before the concert?

The song is catchy and super-infectious. Listen and embrace the energy. Also, follow Kit Major on Instagram.

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