Ella Rosa presents “Nothing Sacred” video

UK singer-songwriter Ella Rosa set things rolling towards the release of her upcoming EP with the unveiling of the first single, “Englishman in New York”. Two more singles have since followed, with the latest being “Nothing Sacred”. That bouncy track now has a captivating visual by its side.

“Nothing Sacred” is smooth R&B music with a tinge of pop. Ella’s soulful delivery are designed to melt the listener’s heart. Speaking about the track, Rosa remarked: “This song was written at a point where I felt very hard done by in a relationship that just ended. I felt like I had given a lot to someone who was sitting on the surface and it scared me to think that I didn’t pick up on those red flags. I think it’s always scary after a really long relationship to pick up on the things that you didn’t notice when you guys were together. This is a track speaks too many people who have push for something deeper with someone even though they know it will never work out. ALEO really helped me spice this theme up into a bouncy/fun melody

Watch the clip and connect with Ella Rosa on Instagram.


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