Marcus Gad and Tamal release their new album, Brave New World

Today, New Caledonian reggae artist Marcus Gad and French producer Tamal unveil their collaborative album, Brave New World (via Easy Star Records). It carries 12 tracks that exhibit a creative blend of spiritual roots-reggae music with elements of modern hip-hop. The two creatives gave us a taste of this unique flavour on their 2019 EP, Enter a Space.

After releasing our first EP, Enter a Space, we really wanted to dig deeper in this crossover genre, mixing the roots we come from with more modern sounds,” notes Marcus Gad, continuing: “The lyrics are still deep and enigmatic, evoking ancient wisdom and spiritual practices, as the message is skillfully carried to the modern age by Tamal’s notable sound

The single “Sunshine”, and it’s exquisite music video (which were both released at the beginning of October), got us in anticipation mode for this LP.

Watch “Sunshine” video and listen to the entire album. Also, Find Marcus Gad and Tamal on Instagram.


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