See Geographer’s “Peripheral Vision” as we await the arrival of his new album

In a few days, November 12th, American artist Geographer will be releasing his latest album Down and Out In The Garden Of Earthly Delights. The final single “Peripheral Vision” arrived a couple of weeks ago — and it’s mesmeric.

“Peripheral Vision” is an 80’s inspired synth pop track that sounds engagingly upbeat. Lyrically, Geographer (also known as Mike Deni) kept it heartfelt.

He explains, “This song is one of the more abstract ones on the record. It cogitates on the idea of how we conceive of others, and how they conceive of us. Are we part of their movie? Are they part of ours? Whatever the case, it can feel that we are not seen clearly by anyone. They know we’re there, but we exist in the periphery, slightly blurry, almost unnoticed. And it can sometimes feel that way even with people who are supposed to love us. We can begin to take on that blurry image and embody it ourselves. As if we are all living in the peripheral vision of some truth and purpose, just outside of knowing, wondering what to believe, wondering why we aren’t at the center of something.”

Mike’s girlfriend and creative partner is featured in the black-and-white visual that accompanies “Peripheral Vision”.

Watch the video and follow Geographer on Instagram so as to stay updated.

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