“Ocean (Reprise)” is the latest release from Adria Kain

As the followup to Classic” (a collaboration with Leila Dey), Canadian singer Adria Kain delivered a fresh take on her breakout single, “Ocean”.

Named “Ocean(Reprise)”, this brooding R&B track features Adria’ soaring vocals and affecting lyrics. Comparing it with the original, you can appreciate the singer-songwriter’s growth.

It’s beyond me how this song came full circle. I remember where I was in life when I first wrote it years ago. I knew it was a good song, not quite my favourite, but it had an important message that I think even went over my own head. I wrote it from a place of sadness. I wanted to create a voice for myself. One that I could run to whenever there was no one else. One that would create a platform big enough for me to exist in without boundaries, like the Ocean, because what’s bigger than that really,” the Toronto artist explains.

Listen and follow Adria Kain on Instagram.

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