Benita is back with new video, “Toxic”

Gifted with a graceful voice, Benita speaks to our hearts with each song she pens. On “Toxic”, her latest single, the Toronto artist describes a relationship which, although typically flawed, the partners are intriguingly bonded by love.

Says Benita, “‘Toxic’ is about a love/hate relationship that most may classify as unhealthy, but there’s unconditional love underneath it all. It’s relatable to any person out there, no relationship is perfect. This song is about going through thick and thin and knowing that there are going to be ups and downs. It’s about a relationship that doesn’t make sense to anyone else but makes sense to the both of you. Even if you hated them in the day, you’ll always end up loving them by night because of how inseparable you are.

This is a beautiful piece of R&B music. And, with production that suits the singer’s soulful vocals, “Toxic” will have your index finger glued to the repeat button.

Watch the Rayul-directed music video and connect with Benita on Instagram.

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