Estella Dawn returns as a “Vixen” in new song & video

Continuing the theme of being comfortable in your own body, Estella Dawn returned even more self-assured and bold in her newest song and video, “Vixen”. A sensuous pop anthem, this is the followup to the balladic “Pretty“.

“Vixen” was released alongside a sexy video directed by Gio Toninelo.

I think there’s a lot of pressure on people to present themselves in a proper, gentle and socially acceptable way and because of this people often feel the need to hide their sexual diversity and desires. Sometimes only feeling safe to truly express themselves in closeted or underground environments, even when there’s a risk of being ‘discovered’ and shamed,” Dawn shares.

She continues, “For me, being assertive when you’re a woman is often misconstrued as being bossy or bitchy and talking about sex or showing off your body opens the door to having your morals criticized. I wrote Vixen as a way to shed my own fears around my body and my sexuality. People sexualize me all the time, it’s my body so why can’t I do the same?”

You can find Estella Dawn on Instagram.

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