Tishmal releases “On My Way Up” single and video

Rachel Brockbank, also known as Tishmal, is a singer hailing from California. The artist has a beautiful new song out. Called “On My Way”, it is an uplifting electro pop song that will help us kick out anxiety and embrace the bllissful freedom of the moment.

The past year something in me sort of snapped. I’m not sure if it was from the intensity of the pandemic, or the move back to my home state of California and reconnecting to my roots. But a lot of my beliefs about myself and the world have changed drastically. I always lived with this anxiety like something horrible was just around the corner, but I started asking myself “What if it turns out better than you imagined?” Honestly, I really don’t know if it will! And for the first time in my life I feel so content with not knowing. It’s freeing- I wanted to weave all of it into a song,” Tishmal reveals the inspiration behind “On My Way Out”.

The track was produced by Daniel Pashman and released alongside a visual directed by Alex Bemis.

Find Tishmal on Instagram.


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