Prima Queen return with “Chew My Cheeks” video

Filled with lush harmonies, Prima Queen‘s “Chew My Cheeks” is quite a groovy indie-pop song. Prima Queen are an outfit fronted by singer-songwriters Louise Macphail and Kristin McFadden, who hail from the UK and US, respectively.

“Chew My Cheeks” is their third ever single, with the release also marking their return since the pandemic started. Produced by The Big Moon, the vibey track serves as their first offering through Nice Swan Recordings.

Speaking about the track and video, Prima Queen stated: “‘Chew My Cheeks’ is a song that centres on an unhealthy obsession with someone who is slightly out of reach. We wrote it in lockdown last year when we were remembering what it was like to idealise people you don’t know and to use them as a form of escapism. We ended up watching The Matrix in isolation together around the same time and were really inspired by the world in which the movie creates.”

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