See Kibra’s “Live Your Life” video

2022 will see Eritrean-Canadian artist Kibra unveil her debut album. The first single “All That” was released in August.

The Toronto-based singer then returned with another song called “Live Your Life”. It is the track’s accompanying video, which was directed by Mez Mariye, that we are sharing with you today.

“Being so proud of my Eritrean and Ethiopian culture, I’ve been wanting to make a song that incorporates that sound for quite some time. I’ve also spent a few months in Ghana, and have an undying passion for Pan Africanism, so I’m always thinking of ways to use my music and platform to promote it. In terms of the lyrics, many of us have been having a tough time throughout this pandemic, with several communities facing hardships every day – many of them go unnoticed or fall off the radar. People deal with issues that are ingrained in our systems and social structures, and it can get very difficult to push through, so this song is just encouraging people to live their life, live it in your own unapologetic way; that in itself is a form of resistance,” comments Kibra.

You can connect with the artist on Instagram.

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