New Release Friday: songs out on December 10th

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Here is another New Release Friday roundup on Aipate. This week, we’ve picked songs from Holy Molly, Dai Burger, Ramiro Pinheiro, among other exciting artists.

Holy Molly – “Bang Bang”

Romanian singer Holy Molly has delivered an alluring new song, “Bang Bang”. A deeply emotional piece, it describes how love can make one blind to the toxicity in a relationship. Holy’s affecting lyrics and powerful vocals are dressed in an energetic dance-pop track that you will definitely vibe to. She notes, “This is how you can end up in the wrong place with no way to escape from it. From time to time, I think it’s important to talk about the world’s real problems, and domestic violence affects people all around the globe.

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We Three – “3 A.M”

Siblings-trio We Three are back with a seductive pop tune, “3 A.M” and, alongside it, a playful video. “3 A.M” is a disco-pop banger that serves as the lead track from the outfit’s upcoming third album. Its production combines a bouncy bass-line with funky guitar and catchy vocals. The song is about getting super-adventurous while on a night-out. Lead singer Manny explains, “The song was inspired by a Friday night being like ‘don’t do this, this is not a smart decision, you need to keep your cool and not make any bad decisions’.”

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Dai Burger – “Bubble Gum”

New York artist Dai Burger has today, December 10, shared her new album, Back in ya Mouf. Alongside it, she’s revealed the music video for the vivacious pop number, “Bubble Gum”. The video displays a charming mix of sass, confidence and colorfulness. You can stream the whole Back in ya Mouf on digital stores.

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Tucked In – “Not The same”

“Not The same” is a lighthearted breakup song by American 5-piece band, Tucked In. The single is lifted from an upcoming EP that they’re working on. It is a soulful indie track that introduces new listeners to the band’s flavour. Tucked In consists of Gunnar Flinchum (vocals), Shae Ferguson (guitar), Evan Bakker (bass), Connor Lord (drums) and Andrew Holzberger (keys/production).

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Escape Ring – “Winning The War”

Escape Ring is a project by Melbourne-based Australian musician Darren Moss. Their style involves a modern twist to classic rock. The band’s debut single, “Winning The War”, is out now (and alongside it, a riveting dance video). Filled with lush harmonies, the track is super-infectious. Also, the message on “Winning The War” is universal; we are reminded to keep fighting those voices in our heads preventing us from achieving our goals. “One of the things I struggle with in my life, and it is less and less as I work on it – is just fighting my own mind. Like convincing yourself you can do something and then the next day starting over again from square one and having to do it again. The mental exhaustion and waste of time that is. Like Groundhog Day. That is what this song is about. I feel like I am winning the war…”

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303 – “Leaving”

303 is an R&B trio made up by singers Chloe Wealleans-Watts, Io Munro and Maddie Hinkley. Formed in 2017, they’ve already received support from major UK platforms such as BBC Radio1, Kiss and Capital Xtra. Their newest offering “Leaving” is a track that encapsulates their ’90s R&B influences. Written by 303 alongside Future Cat and Anais Aida, “Leaving” was then produced by Monro. Lyrically, the song is about the decision to part ways with a partner who shows little commitment in relationship.

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Ramiro Pinheiro x Rodrigo Balduino – “Limão”

Brazilian jazz musicians Ramiro Pinheiro, Rodrigo Balduino and Pedrinho Augusto have joined forces to deliver a new version of the song “Limão”. The original piece sits as the first track on legendary artist Djavan‘s 1994 album, Novena. On this re-imagination, you are entertained by a smooth and enchanting mix between jazz and bossa nova. Trumpeter Nahor Gomes got to feature on this track, playing the flugelhorn.

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