Gina Jeanz presents Lucid Theory, her much-awaited debut album

Gina Jeanz

Working with a host of talented vocalists, Namibian electronic producer and DJ Gina Jeanz created her much-awaited debut album, Lucid Theory.

The nine-track collection sees Gina display an excellent mastery of different styles which range from deep house to alternative R&B — and carry sprinkles of African flavour. The listener gets immersed into this extensive sonic journey.

Arriving with Lucid Theory was the Jordan Baker-assisted “All Of Me”. The song delves into feelings of unrequited love.

Speaking about the album, Jeanz said its creation was a source of therapy for her. “There were series of events that led me to create this album and set the foundation for the entire project. I had been fighting my own battles, particularly after the passing of my mother in 2017, and I was severely anxious and could barely create music without running into creative blocks and worse, doubting my ability to bring my ideas to life. I felt that I wasn’t paying attention to the signs, but with everything that happened, there was a lesson and each lesson forced me to understand my purpose clearly…”

Listen to Lucid Theory and connect with Gina Jeanz on Instagram.


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