Sophie Powers and NOAHFINNCE have a “Clearview” in new visual

It’s been nothing short of a speedy takeoff for Canadian teen rocker Sophie Powers. That sustained momentum is embodied in her newest single, “Clearview”.

Released alongside an exuberant visual, the high-octane alt-pop anthem features NOAHFINNCE, a pop-punk sensation from the UK. The arrival of this single follows the announcement that 17-year-old Sophie will be joining NOAHFINNCE on his Anatomy of a Rat tour across the UK in January.

I wanted the lyrics of this song to visually embody the feeling of leaving a bad situation,” Sophie shares. “I imagined a high speed car chase, where I’m being chased by someone toxic, trying to escape them. I felt like I was living this experience in real time for a while, and it was such a struggle to finally get rid of their negative energy. In the visual within the music video and lyrically, I finally get rid of the person chasing me, and they’re no longer in my rearview mirror, meaning I finally have a clearview.

Listen/watch the video and check out Sophie Powers and NOAHFINNCE on Instagram for future updates, including the upcoming tour dates.


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