Introducing Julia Lostrom; listen to her latest single, “Walk Away”

Cheers to the new year.

As 2022 begins, Melbourne’s Julia Lostrom is one of the rising artists we are keeping tabs on.

Last November, she released her latest single, “Walk Away”. This is an honesty-driven R&B/pop song about the kind of frustrations that sometimes characterize life. At that time, Julia was concerned with the feeling of being stuck in an unfulfilling routine.

Last year (2020) really shook things up for me. It gave me the courage to look within and helped me realise the changes I needed to make, so this song represents that realisation but also the fear of change. Change can be scary, it’s uncomfortable but it’s so necessary and I’m so glad I finally worked up the courage to make the changes I needed to, and this song really initiated it all for me,” explained Lostrom, a Greek-born, Zambian-raised and Australia-based singer-songwriter.

“Walk Away” was produced by her long-time collaborator Max Glyde, who infused electronic elements into the track.

Listen to the song and follow Julia Lostrom on Instagram.

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