John K is missing her “A LOT”; watch his new music video

Acclaimed singer-songwriter John K last Friday released a sweet new tune called “A LOT”. The mellifluous pop track was produced by WYNNE. Lyrically, it finds John rekindling the fond memories with his ex.

“A LOT” is heartwarming and boppy. The music video is equally beautiful.

Speaking about the song, K says, “I never realized how often I say the word ‘a lot’ until I wrote this song. The story is about that feeling when you can’t get someone out of your head, except for now that person is out of the picture. It’s about replaying memories over and over, thinking about the person you wish you never lost. A simple concept really, but I felt like it was one my fans would relate to right away. You ever mess something up so bad and then all you have left is the memory of how good it used to be? That’s A LOT.

Add “A LOT” to your playlist + John K on Instagram.

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