Pop music roundup: 8 new songs to add to your playlist

With impressive releases arriving in the last couple of weeks, it’s time to share Aipate‘s first pop music roundup of 2022. From Cassie Marin to AVIV, Leornardo Davi to AJ Smith, these eight artists are exciting and their new songs worth a spot in your playlist(s).

Cassie Marin – “Every Time I See The Ocean”

Here is the latest from Los Angeles-based artist and producer Cassie Marin. Named “Every Time I See The Ocean”, it’s a smooth electro-pop track filled with creamy R&B vocals. The song is about the search for acceptance in a world where people expect you to remain the same, finding comfort in change and finding strength in the solitude and pain. “Every Time I See The Ocean” is another charming release from an artist whose star continues to rise.

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Jake Daniels – “Drop The Match”

“Drop The match” by New York artist Jake Daniels is a groovy dance-pop tune. The track follows his October, 2021 single, “Creep“. With this new song, Jake sought to capture the relief after solving an inner problem with a significant other, partner or friend. He explains, “The track is a thriller style, love story where the main character is talking to two people at once. The woman in the story finds out, ties the other to a tree, pours gasoline and sets the other on fire. It’s pretty gruesome and extreme, very messed up like the songs I usually end up writing…

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Childlike – “Feels The Same”

Childlike is an artist worth paying more attention to. The 18-year-old Toronto artist’s new single “Feels The Same” is super-catchy. The retro influenced electro-pop track was released together with a stunning visual directed by Alex McFarland. “Feels The Same” feels infectiously euphoric. “My best friend of 11 yrs randomly blocked me and hasn’t spoken to me in 2 yrs… so I wrote a song about it!” says Childlike.

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AVIV – “You Feel Like Depression”

Teenage sensation AVIV has our attention on lock. Another single from the 15-year-old star is here; it is called “You Feel Like Depression”. On it, AVIV dives deep into the many feelings of self-guilt, self-blame and an overall feeling of failure. “This feeling is amplified when the person with whom you’ve ended the relationship blames you for the breakup,” she notes. Like most of her songs, “You Feel Like Depression” is honest and personal.

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AJ Smith – “Grammy”

Pop singer-songwriter AJ Smith has delivered a playful and super-catchy anthem called “Grammy”. It is, in fact, an ode to his grand-mom. “Ever since I was a kid, she’d show up to all of my school plays, band shows, put my mix-tape CDs on for anyone and everyone who would listen. Some of my first fans were from her church, where she’d ask me to play any time I’d visit for a weekend,” says AJ, who is currently based in Nashville (a long distance away from his ‘OG Grammy’).

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Alessiah – “Nostalgia”

Alessiah is a quick-rising singer from Romania. The artist recently unveiled a new single, “Nostalgia”. It’s an infectious pop-dance song. For Alessiah, it means much more: a continuation of the themes on her “I Know” song. She explains, “It talks about the back in time effect; the present is, actually, the projection of the nostalgia that we are going to feel in the future, when we look back at the moments we are experiencing right now. When I wrote this track’s lyrics, I realised that the issues I was dealing with while writing ‘I Know’ were solved through patience, consistency, and a lot of hard work. To me, the song ‘Nostalgia’ is defined by balance and it represents a personal milestone, as I was able to compare the past to the present and I was proud of all the things I have managed to accomplish so far.

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Leonardo Davi – “Safe Space”

Born in Brazil and currently based in Austria, Leonardo Davi is enormously talented. And, there is no better illustration of this than the 24-year-old’s second single, “Safe Space”. An intimate song, it’s about the attraction between two people who are both taken. “So they make the commitment to have a ‘safe space’ between them. A space, where they can feel free to talk about their secrets, without judgment, knowing the other one will be there forever,” Davi remarks. The newcomer is signed on Global Rockstar.

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GAYLE – “ur just horny”

GAYLE‘s penchant for unapologetic anthems can never be overemphasized. After impressing with “abcdefu”, a song whose remix saw her pair up with Royal and The Serpent, the pop-rock princess is back with another huge release. This one is called “ur just horny” and was released together with a riveting music video. “‘ur just horny’ is about the time i crossed the line in a friendship that i thought was platonic for years,” says GAYLE. “after crossing the line i noticed that they started treating me differently – they weren’t as nice and outgoing and honestly i couldn’t recognize them anymore. i started catching them in little lies and my mind couldn’t help but wonder what else they’ve lied to me about before. writing ‘ur just horny’ for me was coming to that realization that they didn’t want to be my friend they just wanted to get into my pants – and that hurt. it’s hard to separate platonic, romantic, and sexual feelings and sometimes in friendships the lines can get blurry.”

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