New Release Friday: songs out on February 11th

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As found on Aipate’s New Release Friday Spotify playlist, here are some of the best songs released this week.

The Niceguys x Bobby Saint – “Irie”

Working with Barbados-born singer Bobby Saint, Swiss production outfit The Niceguys created the track, “Irie”. The funky disco-flavoured tune points to direction of their new sound. Bobby’s creamy, soulful vocals help transport the listener to a fun paradise. Simply, “Irie” is warm and infectious. The track came accompanied by two remixes from Natasha Kitty Katt and Flevans.

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Sisi – “Next Call”

Sisi is a talented artist emerging out of Middlesbrough, The UK. The 17-year-old has a dynamic new Afro-pop track that I bet you’ll find refreshing. Named “Next call”, it was produced by HilaBoi and mixed by Nifty Struggle. The song showcases Sisi’s confident songwriting and sterling delivery. “Next Call” follows her late 2021 EP, Incoming.

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ÊMIA – “fake scenarios”

Buzzing New Yorker ÊMIA quenches fans’ thirst for her content with yet another brilliantly sweet song. The electro-pop track is called “fake scenarios” and arrives as the first taste of her upcoming project Video Call. This song is about reveling in the fantasy of a love story with someone you don’t actually know. Don’t worry ÊMIA, like many of us, you’re only human.

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clide – “HOTEL ROOM”

Indie-pop sensation clide is back with a new song which he’s named “HOTEL ROOM”. Both uptempo and vulnerable, the guitar-driven track is imbued with a punky feel. “HOTEL ROOM” evokes the feeling of falling for some who’s hurt you in the past. While the song’s brooding lyrics betray the mood of the moment (Valentines is around the corner), “HOTEL ROOM” still manages to have a happy ending, sort of.

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Stefan Mahendra x fika – “Tear This Love Apart”

Out on Bamboo Recordings is a new collaboration between Stefan Mahendra and artist-production duo fika. The alluringly soulful song is christened “Tear This Love Apart” and is Stefan’s first release on the label. For fika, well, they already kept us engaged us with Coffee & Clouds, their collaborative EP with Bambie. “Tear This Love Apart” is the first leak from Stefan Mahendra’s forthcoming debut EP (due June 3). That project is co-written and produced by fika.

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Arms Akimbo – “Med School”

“Med School” is the latest effort from hit-making rock band Arms Akimbo. The mellifluous track is as fun as its creation process, with the band revealing that it was recorded in the writer’s childhood town, in between carefree surf sessions. “I wrote this track when i was touring a ton and my girlfriend was back home in grad school (grad school sounded worse than med school…) this song was an exploration of the distance between two people as they pursue their dreams and miss each other. im happy to say were still together…” reads a comment from Arms Akimbo.

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Tadhg Daly – “Winter in LA”

Exciting newcomer Tadgh Daly returns with a new single, “Winter In LA”. This is the followup to the Jersey-born, Irish singer-songwriter’s Forever Young EP. “Winter is LA” is vibrant and euphoric, highlighting the artist’s phenomenal vocal performance. Commenting about this new song, Tadhg says, “I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety ever since I was about 14 and always find myself looking for an escape from my current reality. ‘Winter in LA’ is about the intense urge I feel constantly to drop everything I own and everyone I know and start fresh somewhere new. I guess in writing and singing this song I’m trying to figure out whether the grass is any greener elsewhere.”

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Coops – “The Kid Is Back”

And just like that, “The Kid Is Back”. I’m talking about North London emcee Coops. “The Kid Is Back” is the first single from his forthcoming album. A ’90s-inspired boombap cut produced by Coops’ longtime collaborator Talos, the track is a celebration of his laser-sharp lyricism. “A while ago now, me and Talos were talking about getting back to making music the same way we did when we made Lost Soul,” the rapper says. ”A lot of the music we have made since that project, we haven’t really sat in the studio together and locked in. This was one of many songs that came from those sessions. That classic Coops & Talos sound! The song is pretty self-explanatory… I’m back!

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LA artist CADE is scheduled to drop his debut EP, WATCHING YOU CRY, on April 8. He has now just now released the second single, “PROBLEM$”. It’s a trap-infused melodic R&B song he co-wrote with producer Camden Bench. “When a relationship comes to an end, it’s usually for a reason,” remarks CADE. “Maybe the communication was off, or you just didn’t feel like the best version of yourself. When it all comes crashing down, you get to choose how you move forward. I wrote ‘Problem$’ after my last breakup…”

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Jot Singh – “Don’t Play With Fire”

Kansas-born musician Jot Singh is very good at what he does. He continues to showcase his talents, this time delivering the song “Don’t Play With Fire”. This is a soulful indie-leaning tune built around an addictive guitar riff and immersive groove. Jot’s clean vocals are as charming as the love interest he sings about. “Don’t Play With Fire” is about falling for someone who is clearly ‘not good for you’.

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