See Pardison Fontaine’s “Hoop Earrings” visual

“Hoop Earrings” is the latest single from award-winning artist Pardison Fontaine. It is a fun and energetic tribute to black girls. The trap-influenced rap song was released in the company of a playful music video directed by Sage English.

I was going through my hard drive of records and when I played this, my team was like ‘Wait – what was that?!’ This was a 3-4 year old record that had the hook and it sounded like old me. I used to yell on my records and would yell because I’m from Newburgh, NY and everything’s far and I needed to yell for you to hear me. We also shot the video in Newburgh with one of my old friends, coming full circle.


Enjoy the new release and keep up with Pardison Fontaine on Instagram.

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