Listen to GPU Panic’s “Glimpse of Me”

GPU Panic is the moniker of Lisbon-based Portuguese artist/producer Guilherme Tomé Ribeiro. Working with the label Discotexas, he’s released yet another great piece called “Glimpse Of Me”.

The single lends its title to an EP that GPU has been working on. It came accompanied by a remix by Anja Schneider (with another re-work version from Moullinex also in the offing).

“Glimpse Of Me” features off-kilter beats, soulful vocals and thoughtful lyrics. “It’s the first track that I’ve made as GPU Panic on the piano. Exploring the idea of two different things connected through their differences, creating a dependence on each other. That creates tension and that tension gives birth to a kind of passion with ‘blood rushing through our veins’,” says GPU Panic.

Give the tracks a listen and follow GPU Panic and Anja Schneider on Instagram.

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