Stream Frya’s debut album, Balance

Released on February 4, Balance is the debut album from Zimbabwean singer/songwriter Frya (pronounced Fre-ya). The LP is 11 tracks long and includes the Mr Kamera-produced “Changes”.

“Changes” is a piano-driven ballad which sees the artist lay bare her soulful vocals. The evocative song describes the deep changes that are inevitable when it comes to love and loss.

‘Changes’ is a song that’s very dear to my heart because it was inspired by my mother, Juliet. I wanted a song that expressed my pain…honestly, but also expressed a realisation that loss of any kind is simply love persevering,” FRYA explains. She continues: “When the album pre-order went live in September, I received so many messages on Instagram from people in different parts of the world. I connected with people who had experienced loss during the pandemic and even before that. It’s humbling to know that I’m helping other people feel and release emotion the same way the song helped me. It also made me realise how powerful my intention was when i wrote the song.”

Connect with Frya on Instagram as you listen to the entire album on Spotify.

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