Hear “More” by US rock band Ships Have Sailed

US alt-rock band Ships Have Sailed unveiled their first single of 2022. Called “More”, the release helps focus our attention to the group’s upcoming album.

“More” is a rock ‘n roll anthem with a gritty edge. There’s also a bluesy guitar solo that further keeps the listener captivated.

Sometimes you just want to make a little noise. As a song, ‘More’ is an all out rocker and we had so much fun creating the tune itself and the video to accompany it. As part of a larger body of work, ‘More’ is that point where everything feels ego driven before things start to crumble and the inevitable self-realization kicks in. The drums hit heavy with just the right amount of ‘loose’ and the guitar is pretty much one riff after another (the main one doubled with a massive gang vocal) and a slightly sloppy solo sandwiched in the middle…both Art and I had fun channeling our inner 70s arena gods and then dialed it all in with the finesse of a modern twist,” notes band founding member Will Carpenter.

Watch Ships Have Sailed perform the song and follow them on Instagram.


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