Listen: Thomas LaVine – “Staring At The Sky”

“Staring At The Sky” is a new song from indie-folk artist Thomas LaVine.

The Florida crossed into our radar back in 2020 when he dropped his “World Of Gray” single.

On “Staring At The Sky”, he expresses his fascination with nature.

This song completely opens that part of me and I feel like its begging for adventure, to taste the wild and gain an understanding perspective that could not otherwise be found,” LaVine explains.

He continues: “The lyric video was filmed in a place called Buzzard’s roost where I live. That place feels holy to me, like stepping into another realm. There is a magic there that belongs to those hills, and it is the exact place that inspired the song’s existence. My hope is that it captures that feeling of wanderlust that is in all of us. Or maybe instead of capturing it, it inspires it and makes you want to go discover and experience these incredible wild places on your own. This song was made for the adventure.”

A nature lover myself, I find this song gratifying.

Connect with Thomas LaVine on Instagram.


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