Ben Dolic feels conflicted in “Kissing Her, Missing You” video

Slovenian artist Ben Dolic‘s latest offering is a brilliantly crafted pop tune. The song is called “Kissing Her, Missing You” and was produced by Gethin Llwyd Williams, who also co-wrote it alongside Ben. It was paired with a beautiful and befitting visual.

“Kissing Her, Missing You” feels upbeat and exuberant. Lyrically, it describes the feeling of being caught up between two lovers: an amazing new person and an ex you still have so much feelings for.

“‘Kissing Her, Missing You’ is about a phase in my life where I’d just moved to another country to pursue music and had to break up with my first girlfriend, as we couldn’t handle the long-distance. I started dating around and using dating apps but all of the attempts left me feeling empty, as I just wanted one specific person, no matter how beautiful, smart or funny anyone else was. It’s about attempting to get under someone to get over someone else and completely failing”.

Ben Dolic

Ben’s star is rising fast. You can follow the artist on Instagram.


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