Hear Manilla Killa and Kwesi bring our thoughts out of “Dark Places” [Video]

Los Angeles producer Chris Gavino, popularly known as Manilla Killa, has returned to our stereos with new single “Dark Places”. Featuring soulful crooner Kwesi on vocals, the hauntingly pensive house song reminding us not to dwell in the past.

We have choices to make every day and sometimes, the mind can go to dark and strange places that are often unhealthy and destructive. At one point or another, we find ourselves scared and confused about the past and what it means for the future. This song is about finding our way out of that darkness and working to be better for ourselves and those around us every day,” Kwesi expounds.

Speaking about the creative process Manila Killa says: “‘Dark Places’ marks the beginning of a new perspective on how I view the world alongside music. Feelings of nostalgia have overcome many of us, including me in the past two years and I wanted to explore that realm through this song. After hearing the initial vocal demo, I immediately knew that I wanted to draw inspiration from brooding, moody and dark influences and Kwesi’s haunting voice and lyrics offer a glimpse of hope that I molded the instrumental production around.”

Watch the hypnotizing video above + find Manila Killa and Kwesi on Instagram.

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