Jozem returns with a powerful song and video called “Youth”

Kenyan-born Toronto-based artist Jozem has released a new song which he called “Youth”. For the music video, he did travel back to Nairobi (the place where he grew up) and linked up with video director Mbithi Masya.

“Youth” is such a moving song: an ode to walking in one’s own truth and a celebration of being different in a world likely to misunderstand you.

Jozem explained, “I have felt like an outsider my entire life, whether it was because of my introversion, being a refugee/foreign, at times because of my blackness or my queerness or any combination thereof. Along the way, I’ve met kindred spirits that live unapologetically, showing you that it is ok to be who you are without compromise and to be proud of the things that make you different.

The video stars dancers Mary Akoth and Samuel Mutie whose performances are nothing short of exceptional.

“Youth” is the second single from Jozem’s upcoming project titled it came to me in a dream. You can connect with the artist on Instagram.

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