Josh Sallee is joined by K.A.A.N on his new single, “Let Me Live My Life”

A new single single by Oklahoma City-native hip hop artist/producer Josh Sallee is out now. The song is called “Let Me Leave My Life” and features emcee K.A.A.N, whom he first collaborated with in 2015.

“Let Me Live My Life” is about staying away from unnecessary distraction.

Whatever your goals or ambitions are, you’re going to face resistance from the outside world,” states Sallee. “Whether it’s from people close to you or in your city, or just on the internet, I think the main thing to focus on is that when you’re doing something you love and finding success, others tend to pick it apart.

Expertly crafted, this track brings with an ecstatic feeling. It was produced by Blev.

Follow the artists on Instagram: Josh Sallee || K.A.A.N. || Blev


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