Listen to “Time Is Gone”, the new song by Danyál

Germany-based crooner Danyál has delivered an emotional pop ballad he named “Time Is Gone”. The post-breakup song finds him leaning into honesty as he bares his soul to the listener.

Danyál explains, “The song was written as a result of a breakup with my girlfriend, because in retrospect it turned out that I was wrong about the person and I only saw it through rose-colored glasses at the time. ‘We both lost, our time is gone’ is meant to reinforce that we both lost: She lost me and I lost time. And I know many people will relate to this situation. As this song is very close to my heart.”

I like every aspect of this song: from the resonant lyrics and elegant production to the artist’s impressive delivery.

Danyál is an exciting newcomer and this song helps showcase why he’s one to watch. You can follow him on Instagram.


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