New Release Friday: songs out on April 29th

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New Release Friday is back. This week’s selection includes songs from artists such as Lucid Kidd, Hayk Keys and Ina Krabes. Below are notes about some of those tunes.

Dave Lee x Omar – “Starlight”

As his latest release, legendary producer Dave Lee teamed up with London-based singer Omar. Named “Starlight”, it’s an amazing soul-funk tune. The track is out on Z Records. “Starlight” combines mid-tempo beats with warm and silky vocals. This song has an infectious, dance-inducing feel to it.

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laye – “I Could Die”

Here is a new electro pop track from Montreal-born singer/songwriter laye. The song is called “I Could Die” and marks the artist’s return after a 3-year hiatus. It showcases her proclivity for combining dark lyrics with playful delivery. “I Could Die” was written by laye together with Taylor Wilzbach and Jake Davis.

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Chloe Lilac – “lily’s backyard”

Chloe Lilac is back with a new song called “lily’s backyard”. Arriving with a retro visual directed by Ragan Henderson, the song is part of the artist’s new compilation titled you were good to me. “‘lily’s backyard’ is about betrayal. When you let someone in and they let you down,” says about it. Chloe is currently on a U.S. / Canada tour (find details on her social platforms).

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Lucid Kidd – “Today and Tomorrow”

Fast-rising Lithuanian artist Lucid Kidd has just shared another great song. This one is called “Today and Tomorrow”. It was released with a nice-looking music video as accompaniment. The track is a melodic blend of trap beats and indie guitars. “‘Today and Tomorrow’ is about my perfect vision of love. I would go to the end to fight for what and who I want and yearn for. Such deep love without any problems, which makes it a kind of love impossible to attain. Though naive, maybe, I will continue believing and fighting for this love, hoping to find it back — Corey and I wrote this record trying to capture the emotion of the pain from how true deep love hurts and makes you become selfless,” explains the 16-year-old.

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Astelle x Couché – “Paid”

At the beginning of March, the pop scene welcomed Dubai-born Norwegian artist Astelle. She’d just released her debut single, “K Boy Bye“. Now, the singer returns with her second one. The track is christened “Paid” and features producer Couché. “Paid” oozes lots of sass and confidence.

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Hayk Keys – “Focus On You”

“Focus On You” is a new song by Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Hayk Keys. It is an EDM/pop tune with addictive melodies and uplifting lyrics. “This song is all about letting things you can’t control, go and simply focusing on yourself and not looking around at others. Living in Los Angeles, I can tell you first hand that everything that glitters, is not gold. I always feel like I’m behind in life. And this song is my reminder that I am exactly where I need to be in life. Acceptance is the key to happiness. Comparison is the thief of joy,” notes Hayk. The message behind “Focus On You” is relevant, especially in this era of social media.

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YAHYAH – “Thoughts From My Bed”

“Thoughts From My Bed” is the third single from up-and-coming Australian singer-songwriter YAHYAH. Created together with Will Henderson, Mckenzie Comer (MCK) and Joel Jones, the eletro pop song is characterized by honest and vulnerable lyrics. “Thoughts From My Bed” delves into YAHYAH’s mental health. Her emotive and fervent delivery is a testament to her powerful voice. The artist’s previous release was the upbeat and nostalgic “Little Joy”.

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Ina Krabes – “Fire”

German singer-songwriter Ina Krabes has delivered a passion-filled song called “Fire”. It was produced by Tobias Keil and accompanied by a clean visual directed Luca Pauly. From the fetching lyrics to great arrangement, “Fire” is such a beautiful creation. Altogether, it does a great job in introducing to us this talented newcomer.

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Georgia Cécile – “Blue Is Just A Colour”

UK jazz singer-songwriter Georgia Cécile has a new single. This is a rework version of her song, “Blue Is Just A Colour”. It comes as a double A-side, and includes a new remix by producer Big Miz. The release follows Georgia’s performance at this year’s SXSW. The artist comments, “I’m so excited to be working with Big Miz – a fellow Glasgow-born artist who has been doing amazing things here. We’ve spoke a lot about working together and I was excited for him to take this song and put his own stamp on it. As a jazz artist this felt like a good opportunity to merge the two worlds and work closely with someone I really connect with.”

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Nicky Buell x Anna Thompson – “AM I THE DRAMA?”

“AM I THE DRAMA?” is a splendid collaboration bringing together Seattle-based pop artist Nicky Buell and singer-songwriter Anna Thompson. The synth-laden electro pop track was produced by Nic Casey and mastered by Matthew Wolk. “AM I THE DRAMA?” captures the dramatic falling out of two former ex-bestfriends. The record is out on SONO Music Group.

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