See Ari Dayan’s video for “Love”

2022 is set to be an important year for LA singer Ari Dayan.

She’s just released her newest single, “Love”. Paired with a playful visual, this song will soon be followed by other great tracks.

Speaking of “Love”, it is a fun anthem promoting self-love.

Speaking about the video, Ari notes, “I think your teens and twenties are for self-loathing so in that way getting older is a friend. You get smarter with age and learn you’ve gotta be your own biggest cheerleader. The video has elements of post-modern comedy and surrealism serving as a comment on our individual and collective desperation. The song is all about self-love but we’re watching this woman unravel by her own manic need for external validation. It was really fun to play this deliciously tragic person. A version of her lives inside me.

Connect with Ari Dayan on Instagram.


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