Listen to “Every Day’s My Friday” by La Poré

Soon after moving to Los Angeles from Columbus, Ohio, in 2019, indie-pop artist La Poré had to contend with a pandemic that was impacting on every aspect of life. His new song “Every Day’s My Friday” looks back at this time.

When dining first reopened in May 2020, I got a job working at a popular restaurant in Los Angeles. It was the first time I’d been out in months and it was kind of scary. The heat was unbearable that summer, and the political and social climate was at the forefront of every conversation,” the singer reveals.

Despite all the happenings in the world, including a global pandemic, here I was serving at a restaurant crowded with people. The song reflects on this time, as well as coming to terms with my own hypocrisies. Eventually the restaurant shut down again, leaving me unemployed with nothing but time.”

“Every Day’s My Friday” a synth-infused pop track with a laid-back vibe.

Enjoy the track and follow La Poré on Instagram.


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